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Terms of use for Resorttrust, Inc. website

This website is operated by Resorttrust, Inc. (below, “Company”) or its designated representative. Please read and agree to the following terms of use before utilizing this website. Company may revise these terms of use, in which case a revision of this document will be posted. Please check the content of the latest version.

This website has links to other websites operated by Company or related firms. Note that customers will be required to agree with the individual terms of use on those websites in order to utilize them.

Restrictions on utilization of website information

Information on this website is protected by international copyright law, treaties, and other laws. Personal use and other uses beyond the scope of the stated objectives, including the duplication, modification, uploading, disclosure transmission, distribution licensing, sale, and publication of information, is prohibited except with the advance written authorization of Company.


The following acts are prohibited:

  1. acts which do or could infringe the privacy or assets of a third party or Company,
  2. acts which do or could result in damage or loss to a third party or Company,
  3. acts which are or could be in violation of public morals,
  4. acts which are criminal, lead to criminal acts, or could do so,
  5. registering a false email address, including another party’s email address,
  6. acts of a commercial nature or for commercial gain, or in preparation for such,
  7. acts which damage the reputation or credit of a third party or Company,
  8. using or providing a harmful program, such as a computer virus, or engaging in acts which could result in such use or provision,
  9. other acts in violation of applicable laws and regulations, or which could be in violation, and
  10. other acts deemed inappropriate by Company.

Linked websites

Third-party websites (below, “Linked Websites”) linked from this website, or from other websites which are themselves linked from this website, are operated by their individual owners, and are not managed by Company. Please use Linked Websites in accordance with their own terms of use. Company can accept no responsibility for any losses suffered as a result of accessing or utilizing Linked Websites.

The presence of a link on this website does not indicate that Company recommends the use of that Linked Website, or any products, services, or companies on that Linked Website, and does not indicate any business tie-up or other special relationship between Company and that Linked Website.


Company takes care in posting information on this website, but cannot ensure that such information is accurate, is of utility, meets the objectives or expectations of the customer, or is safe (for example, free of software freezes or other errors, defects, and harmful software such as computer viruses in the website or server). Company can accept no responsibility for any losses suffered by the customer from using or not using such information, or from using this website.

Company may modify information on this website without advance notification, and may temporarily halt website operation, or terminate it. The Company can accept no responsibility for any losses suffered as a result of the modification of information on this website, or the halt or termination of website operation, for any reason.

Recommended environment


Company recommends the following browsers for website access.
Website may not operate fully, or at all, if other access environments are used.

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Safari 5.0 or higher


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