Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

The Group’s basic policy is “To engage in proactive disclosures to ensure highly transparent and fair management.” Accordingly, the Group will collect, manage and disclose information in accordance with timely disclosure rules, internal regulations and others.

Internal system related to the timely disclosure of corporate information

  1. Department responsible for timely disclosures

    Information relating to timely disclosures will be released by the Investor Relations Division, in accordance with relevant rules, while other PR-related information will be promptly released by the Public Relations Division.

  2. Disclosure methods

    Once the disclosure of information is decided, the responsible department will release the information to the stock exchanges (Tokyo and Nagoya) using the appropriate method and at the appropriate time based on the said decision, while at the same time posting said information on the Company’s website for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  3. Handling of information relating to timely disclosures and prevention of insider trading

    The Group, in an effort to prevent insider trading, has established the “Insider Trading Rules.” The Group also takes necessary measures with respect to the handling of important information, including thorough enforcement of proper information control on its related parties, prohibition of unauthorized use of important information, and prohibition on the trading of securities relating to said information by related parties until such time that said information has been disclosed or released.

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