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Privacy Policy

To provide the highest hospitality with Dreams, Moving Experiences, and True Relaxation, Resorttrust, Inc. (below, “Company”) does collect personal information from members and other customers, and constantly works to provide valued services. Company makes every effort to assure the safety of customer information, and has formulated this privacy policy to ensure confidentiality is preserved.

Implementation date: Dec. 16, 2004
Resorttrust, Inc.

  • Handling of Personal Information on This Site
  • Rules on Handling of Personal Information

Observance of applicable laws and regulations

Company will observe all laws, regulations, and other applicable directives related to the handling of personal information held by Company.

Collection of personal information

Appropriate methods will be used to collect personal information, including via the internet.

Personal information utilization objectives

Company will notify customers and announce the objectives of utilization of personal information, and used only within the scope of those objectives. The information will not be used for any other purpose without the authorization of the customer.

Non-disclosure to third parties

Collected personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except in the following circumstances:

  1. when authorized by the customer,
  2. when requested under legal authority, and
  3. when required to protect the life, health, assets, rights, or other benefits of Company, the customer, or a third party.

Disclosure of information to customer, and revision

If requested, Company will disclose collected personal information for registered customers after confirming the identity of the requesting party, and in accordance with Company’s regulations. If a customer notifies Company that corresponding personal information is incorrect, Company will promptly investigate and correct such information as required, except as otherwise specified under applicable laws and regulations.

Safety measures

Company will appropriately and securely manage collected customer personal information, and implement safety measures designed to protect such information from unauthorized access, loss, damage, unauthorized alteration, and unauthorized disclosure.

Supervisory duty

Company will employ contractual means to ensure that contracted service vendors receiving such personal information from Company will manage and protect it in the same way.

Continuing improvement

Company will implement a compliance program to protect personal information, and work to continually improve Company’s protection and handling of personal information. Company reserves the right to modify this privacy policy as required.

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