Management policy

Corporate governance

Policy on Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

  • The Company shall actively conduct constructive dialogue through IR activities to build a positive relationship with investors, including shareholders. The Company shall endeavor to identify the shareholder composition and proactively carry out IR activates.
  • President and COO presides over dialogues with shareholders, and the Investor Relations Section, Investor Relations Division shall be in charge. When shareholders have individual requests, directors and executive officers in charge shall have interviews with the shareholder as needed.
  • To conduct dialogues with shareholders in a smooth and efficient way, the Investor Relations Section, Investor Relations Division takes initiative to cooperate with divisions of general administration, finance, accounting, and other related divisions.
  • The Company hosts briefing sessions for institutional investors to explain its medium- to long-term management visions, financial results, and individual businesses. For individual investors, the Company hosts briefing sessions at IR events sponsored by stock exchanges and securities companies. Materials and videos used for financial results briefings are made public on the Company’s website.
  • Opinions and requests from investors obtained through dialogues and various measures described above shall be reported to the senior management as appropriate, according to importance. The Company shall take advantage of such feedback for the sustainable improvement of its corporate value by reflecting them into its management.

With regard to insider information management, the Company ensures fair disclosure as separately defined in the disclosure policy ( and handles them in an appropriate manner.

Please see the attached document for further details.
[Corporate Gavernance Report] January 20, 2022

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